My Eyebrows Are Apparently Seductive

I’ve been much busier than usual lately. I’ll be starting school in August, so I’ve been working on everything around that. I also just got a new part time job within walking distance of my house.

Today, I went to fill out the paperwork and ran into a total of three different men on my way there and back.

Two out of three of them decided to yell questions and comments at me. One of them kept yelling gross comments at me when I ignored him.

I looked like the above picture from the chest up. My jacket goes down to my upper thighs, and I was wearing jeans, so no leg was exposed.

It doesn’t at all matter what we wear. My figure is completely hidden when I’m dressed like this. You can’t see more of my face than my eyebrows and little bit of forehead and nose.

There is absolutely no way to know what I look like under all of this clothing.

If it weren’t for the fact I wear a women’s winter coat and jeans, there would be no visible cues of my gender.

All these guys could tell was that I’m female.

That’s all they needed to harass me.

Remember these experiences the next time you’re tempted to blame someone for being harassed or assaulted for dressing provocatively. It doesn’t matter what they wear.

Guys who do it, and it is almost always guys who do it, will do it to anyone who presents as female when they feel safe in doing so.

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