3 Fun Cat Craft Ideas

I’m a shameless cat person. Hubby and I have three feline kids in our home, all adopted. We spoil them as rotten as we can afford, but since we’re far from rich, I make a lot of things for them from low- or no-cost materials.

Here are some of my favorite craft ideas for kitty.


New catnip plants on October
21st in Minnesota.

Although this isn’t really a craft, strictly speaking, it is extremely easy to grow and dry. Catnip is in the mint family, which means it’s one of the first plants to come back in the spring, and one of the last to go dormant in the autumn.

It spreads very easily, and takes next to no effort to cultivate. It embodies all the traits I desire in a plant.

Dried nip

Although you can harvest it almost any time during the growing season, I prefer to cut a lot to dry around mid summer, and again in early to mid-autumn. I’ll probably be doing that within the next few days.

Once you wash it and get it as dry as possible, bundle the branches together with the leaves pointing in the same direction, tie some string around the stems, and hang it somewhere out of the way.

The closet in my craft room/office has been working very well. I have used our basement, before, but the cats have figured out how to get at it down there.

Once the leaves and flowers are dry enough to crumble, remove them from the stalks, and store them in a jar or bag for later use. By the way, although catnip can provide hours of entertainment through altering kitty’s consciousness a bit, it’s also very healing for humans.

Cat Beds

He figured it out!

As mentioned in this entry, cat beds are surprisingly easy to make. Our tabby couldn’t wait to get into the one I’d made in that entry, and our tux cat has just figured out how comfortable it is today, as well.

As nice as the crochet bed I made was, you don’t need to know that particular art to make a cat bed. There are plenty of tutorials involving skills from sewing to woodworking online.

However, you can get even simpler than sewing a couple of pieces of fabric together and stuffing the pillow. All you’d need is a box, a blanket and something to act as a cushion.

Put them all together, and what do you get? An inexpensive cat fort!

You can even pretty it up with some paints or by gluing fabric to the box.

Cat Toys
Kitties will play with just about anything. They’re hardwired to hunt, after all, and batting around a toy works for urban kitties as well as a live rodent would be for farm cats.

Last year, I crocheted a couple of toy mice, and mixed catnip in with the stuffing. Those I’d given the mice to said their cats liked them, and I still occasionally catch our kitties batting one I’d kept.

He’s not as interested as I’d hoped. Sure, you’ll play when I’m NOT pointing a camera at you.

The beauty of these little toys is that you can make them in so many ways. I used yarn and a crochet hook, but you can sew them, or even just glue felt cut outs together. I plan on giving the felt method a try a little later on.

A friend of mine made birdie toys a little while ago, by gluing feathers and yarn together, then attaching them to a string. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of her work, but the toys looked like they’d be a kitty favorite.

So, what are some of your kitties’ favorite toys?

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