A Week Like This One Deserves a Sale

This week was spent either preparing for our annual hiking/camping trip or actually on the trip itself. I believe we did something like eight to ten miles on the first day, and only about two to four the second. It’s hard to calculate without a pedometer, but that’s what the map said. It doesn’t take into account the climbing involved, either.

The Lake Superior region is amazing, but it’s not the easiest place to get around when on foot.

We would have been able to do more if I hadn’t been feeling so crummy from the start. Next year should be better. Last year, we almost broke thirty miles.

Anyway, as promised, Snowshine Gifts is now open again! You can get 15% off with my Hiking Recovery Deal with coupon code OuchMyFeet through July 18th.

Man, that water felt good.

Because, yes, my feet hurt. As does the rest of me.

I’m hoping to get the remaining two TMNT keychains listed this weekend, and I may be offering prints as well, depending on what arrangements I can come up with. All new listings will be directly linked on my Facebook page.

As for now? I have some laundry to finish up and dishes to do. Hope everyone enjoys their weekends!

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