A Work In Progress

Well, this week hasn’t been all that great for crafts, for me. I had tried making a few knit hair bands with the Estonian technique I’d found last week, but that didn’t work out. I also wanted to make some experimental plushies, but between writing and housework, that didn’t happen either.

However, I did put together a couple of how-to Hubs. HubPages is running a challenge where the editors pick the top ten articles posted each day, and then pick one randomly for a cash prize. They then pick a weekly top ten list for a larger cash prize.

The very first article I posted made top ten for that day! Sadly, I didn’t win the drawing. Anyway, here are my articles, if you’re curious:

How to Cast On for Knitting-Three Ways! – This is the on that made the top ten.
How to Replace a Broken Zipper – I did this one, yesterday. Stupid zippers always take me so long to replace, but at least the cover’s not coming off the cushion anymore.

There have been some developments far as renovations go, though – both good and not so good.

First, the not so good.

Most of the plumbing in this house hasn’t been updated since it was installed. Naturally, leaks will happen, but unfortunately, one happened to a pipe that ran over where we were storing one of the doors. We didn’t catch it until mold had grown on the door below.

There’s money down the drain. (I’m so clever.)

The door has been moved out of the way, so no more wood rot can happen, but that pipe still needs to be replaced. Fun times, huh?

As for the good, my future office has been wired for electricity! Check out these great lights:

Pardon the blurring on the right lights. A new camera would be nice…

Nice, huh? That space will be so bright. He installed a dimmer, too, so I’ll be able to control how much light I want.

Before, the only sources of lights were from that window, which I’d like to replace with something that can open, and the light you can see hanging from the ceiling.

Hopefully, next week will be better for the whole crafty thing.

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