I’ve always been interested in creating things from scratch, regardless of if it’s food, clothing, toys or anything else. Over the years, I’ve slowly taught myself how to do various crafty things, like knitting, crochet and make jewelry.

My other, and first, greatest love is writing, though. Since both of those areas have creating in common, that’s my focus of this blog. Expect to see posts about crafting, cooking and gardening, as well as peeks into my lifestyle and updates on publication.

Oh, and we can’t forget the occasional post about the geek world. I’m one of those, too. Comics, TV shows, movies and books have been my escapes for years. I’m especially interested in urban fantasy, science fiction and adventure.

I also run another blog about the neurodiverse experience, Alternative Wiring. I am dyslexic, and that has influenced my life heavily. I write about my experiences in education and work there, as well as associated social issues.

Please note that there will be ads on this blog. Every time you click on some of them or buy through others, you’ll be helping to support the blog and my household. Any sponsored posts, or posts with affiliate links, will be labeled accordingly at the beginning of the entry.

I only promote things I’ve tried or currently use in those entries, and provide my honest opinion of each service or product.

If you’d like me to review your product or service, please contact me at especk1979@hotmail.com for details.

Happy reading and crafting!

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