Adventures in Hair Styling

The majority of last week’s energy went into finishing up with NaNoWriMo, which meant minimal time with crafts. Yesterday, however, I did apply henna to my hair. Here’s a bit of the process in photos.

The adventure actually started Thursday night, when I made this lovely mixture. You put diluted lemon juice in with the henna powder, then mix until it’s a mashed potato consistency. Looks appetizing, doesn’t it?

Friday afternoon, I applied it and sported this fashionable look for several hours.

Oh, yes. I wear paste and plastic wrap very well.

Of course, I had to grab something to eat, so I thought I’d spoil myself with a little veggie soup/stew goodness.

 I’d somehow managed to reduce most of the broth away. Not sure how that happened. Ah well. Still tasted good.

After torturing my poor neck and giving myself quite an impressive headache (no migraine this time), I was able to wash most of the henna out. Granted, I didn’t get it all out, so I gave it another wash this morning, attempted some rag curlers and here’s what I have now.

Lovin’ the red, but not so pleased with that much curl. I may need to invest in some large foam curlers or something to get the look I’m trying to achieve. I’d like some curl, but more relaxed than what my hair likes to do naturally. If I can achieve that without heat or chemicals, I’m willing to give it a try.

Crafts will be light next week, due to family shenanigans, but I’m sure it’ll pick up again come December.

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