April Shop Feature – Agonydecay’s Creepy Crafts

Spring is when life returns as the cold of winter leaves us. Fresh greenery starts popping its head out of the thawing soil and baby critters are being born all over the place.

Naturally, I decided that this month’s shop feature should have absolutely nothing to do with that. Instead, I’m bringing you the delicious quirkiness of Creepy Crafts!

Being a fan of Halloween, the paranormal and other not quite mainstream things, I immediately got all sorts of joy out of the creative offerings in this Etsy shop. Here are three of my favorite listings.

Simple Elegant Dangly Spider Earrings

These little guys are actually perfect for spring cleaning. If my experience is the norm, I always end up reacquainted with my local spiders when tidying up my post-winter dwelling.

Mine are all named Lloyd, though I imagine you can give these beauties names of their own.

Oh the Horror — A Grimm Pair of Skull Hair Bobby Pins

Where better to wear a skull than on your own? These are a lot of fun and the perfect conversation starter, especially if you wear them with conservative dress.

Gothic Vintage Anatomical Ribcage Pendant

You just don’t see many rib cages in jewelry, these days. Then again, they’ve always been a bit on the rare side.

All the more unfortunate, because they do offer quite a unique element to the ol’ jewelry collection. I personally enjoy pieces that look relatively harmless from far away, but startle the viewer a bit once you get closer. This pendant has a bit of that element.

For more fun stuff, please check her shop out here! It was hard picking my favorites out, what with the brain soaps and other fun pendants.

Many thanks go out to Jenny for allowing me to feature her wonderful work here. Keep up the awesome creepiness!

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  1. I have been a friend and customer of Jenny's for years… she is a devoted seller who will never let you down on quality or quick shipping. Highly recommended to all! 🙂

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