Are homemade gifts better than store-bought?

One of the recent BlogHer prompts was asking if we preferred handmade gifts to store-bought.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s less how the object was made so much as the intent with which it’s given.

Today, I’ve been wearing the locket my dad bought me on the day I was born. He had intended to give it to me on my 18th birthday, but since our lives didn’t go the way he’d hoped, he gave it to me the summer after.

As you can see in the picture, it’s very tiny and delicate, but I don’t think it’s handmade. But that doesn’t take away any of the sentimental value it holds for me. It’s something I’ll always treasure, because it came from him, and he’d put so much thought into it.

On the other hand, my grandmother made me a doll when I was around five years old named Gretel. I used to haul her around with me wherever I went. In a way, that hasn’t changed much, since I still have her with me. That, too, is something that will always be treasured, because it came from my grandmother, and she’d put so much thought and effort into her.

As for giving gifts? I prefer to make them, if I can. If the thing I’d like to give isn’t something I can make, and it’s in my price range, I have nothing against shopping for gifts, though.

All that really matters to me is that the gift is given with love. Sure, there are complicated politics around how materials are attained, what they are and how gifts are made before they hit the stores, but on a strictly interpersonal level? Affection is the only thing that counts.

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