Art Assignment #7

Yesterday’s migraine stopped me from posting here, or doing much of anything for that matter. Before I gave up on being productive, I stumbled upon the seventh challenge for The Art Project.

For those not in the know, The Art Project is a social activity put on by PBS, in which artists “assign” tasks to complete. I’ve already done the third assignment, which was to capture something intimate and indispensable to you in gif format. I posted that result here, on my other blog.

The seventh assignment, which you can watch for more information on youtube here, was to go to this webpage, click on the “Try Me” button, and do whatever comes up.

Here’s what I got:

Hmm…ok. I’m crafty. Our unfinished basement is a lonely place, and I have quite a bit of yarn that has yet to be used.

So, I brought some yarn, a blanket and my camera to a cold, lonely corner of my future office.

Lumber yet to be used.

This is the riveting view I had from my lonely little corner.

Yes, that’s a keg in the background. No, there’s nothing in it. Yes, it was left here by the previous owner when we moved in here 10 years ago. She also left us 20 lbs of sand mixed with nails and hunks of concrete.

Friendship bracelet in progress.

I used to make these types of bracelets all the time when I was a kid. I don’t know why, but I’ve always enjoyed braiding things. I stabilized this one by tying the yarn around my middle finger, and letting the ends hang down along my palm.

See? Making something in my palm. The palm with a feint, lonely freckle. (Weird place for a freckle.)

All went quietly, and slightly coldly, when suddenly, I got company.


He’s almost always with me when I’m home, so knew it was only a matter of time. Poor baby was all kinds of confused, since I usually only go into the basement to do laundry, clean the cat box or harass hubby when he’s playing on his computer.

It wasn’t to last. We all know what happens when cats and yarn meet.

(Pardon the poor video quality, black stain on the right of the screen and clicking noises. The camera’s old, there’s lens damage and it was never all that great at taking video.) 

He made finishing the bracelet a little more difficult than it needed to be, but hey, I got to the end. It was a bit sloppy, but I like the color contrast between white and red was nice. It also stood out nicely against the relative gloom of our basement.

I probably should have brought a pair of scissors with me, huh?

So, sound the fanfare and break out the power tools, I’ve completed Art Assignment 7!

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