Awesome Double Sided Knitting Projects

Since I’ve been hooked on double sided knitting for a little while now, I figured I’d showcase some of the cooler pieces I’ve found floating around out there.

Spiderman Scarf by harelquin-demon on DeviantArt

This thing is just so cool. I love how Spidey’s normal red and black is so starkly contrasted by Venom’s black and white. Geekery is such fun.

Space Invaders Scarf by shampoosis on DeviantArt

Yay Space Invaders! Guess I’m in a slightly nerdy mood, which is always a good thing.

Also, pockets! I’m a huge fan of pockets. Excellent work!

Red and Black Blanket by IuroTrash (knit by his girlfriend at the time) on DeviantArt

Knot work is beautiful to look at, though it can be quite complicated to create. I’d actually like to try my hand at making a double sided blanket like this one, but I’m not up for dedicating time and resources to it yet.

This blanket did turn out beautifully, though.

Panda Gloves, by Jensham on DeviantArt

These are so cute! They look like they’re super warm, too.

Keep up the wonderful work, folks! I should probably get back to my ongoing project, too, huh?

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