Awesome Slippers Need Some DIY Mending? (Part One)

Do you have a favorite pair of plush slippers that you’ve almost loved to pieces? I do. My hubby bought me a pair of Killer Bunny slippers a couple of years ago, and they’ve become my winter slippers by default

This year, I noticed that I’d actually worn holes through the soles. Instead of buying a new pair, I thought I’d try a less expensive home repair with some felt and hot glue.

Those are some well loved bunnies.

For this quick DIY project, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Felt (Enough to have two layers. In my case, it was four sheets.)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • A pen, pencil or piece of chalk (not pictured)
  • Slippers in need of mending

Step One – Tracing
Lay the felt out flat, and place one of the slippers on it. Then, trace around the outline. It doesn’t need to be very neat, but it should give you an idea of the shape and size you’ll need for the insert.

The legs got in my way.

Step Two – Cutting
Carefully cut around the outline. I just cut layered the like-colored sheets of felt, and cut them together. You’ll end up with four pieces of felt which are all close to the same shape and size.

Step Three – Verify
While your glue gun is warming up, put two of the pieces together, and slip it into the house shoe to make sure it’s not too big, or too small. If it’s too big, trim it to fit. If it’s too small, you’ll probably need more felt.

Lookin’ good.

Step Three – Glue Together
In this step, you’ll actually be making your insert. If you’ve used two different colors, attach one insert of the first color to an insert of the second color. You’ll be left with two inserts. Now that I think about it, I could have added some stuffing between the two sides to add some more cushioning.

Ah, well. That’s something to try if I end up doing this again.

Fittingly enough, they sort of remind me of bunny ears. No need for them to be the exact same size, since no one will see them inside the slipper. Some overlap is ok.

Step Four – Glue to the Slippers
This can be a little tricky. I had tried adding the glue to the insert before putting it into the slipper at first, and it did not end well.

The second try was more successful. First, put the insert into the slipper and smooth it until it’s flat. Then, flip the heel up and apply glue.

¬†Once that’s pressed in place, do the same thing to the sides.

The toe was still a little tricky, but if you can squeeze the glue gun a little way into the slipper, it is doable.

Of course, glue gun projects being glue gun projects, you’re likely to get glue in places you’d rather it not be, like your fingers. I ended up getting some on the undamaged part of the slipper-inside, but since I usually wear socks with these anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem.

In this case, I also decided to add glue to the holes in the bottoms of the slippers to reinforce the attachment.

Wow. There’s an attractive picture.

And there you have it! Part one of this mending job. My slippers fit the same as they did, and my feet are nice and toasty.

Once I can find the right non-skid padding, I’ll add a part two to this tutorial.

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