Back From The Trip and Ready to Craft

They’re prettier in person. I took this with my
web cam.

In fact, I’ve already done a little practicing with combining yarn with beads. I need to get more beads big enough to work with yarn, though.

Or maybe I need to start practicing with floss, so I can create things with smaller beads.

In any case, I came back with some lovely semiprecious stone beads to work with, and I have some time scheduled later on in the week to play with jewelry making.

When I got back, I made the mistake of looking in my closet, were I put stuff in the “Where Does This Go” category. Amongst that stuff is my paper making supplies, comics, some dried herbs from my yard, my comic book collection and assorted other things. Truth be told, I’m a little afraid to dive in and get sorting.

What if something bites me? Will I turn into a super hero? Or will I turn into a super villain? Or will I simply whine about it?

Only time will tell!

Expect pictures and new listings on the Etsy shop over the following week!

Speaking of Etsy, I’ve decided to give the new digital option a try. Check out the two new listings in Snow Shine Gifts!

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