Baking Up History

Tensions have been building in the city state, Kitchen.

Perhaps it was Flour’s insistence in keeping everything a uniform white, as only the most refined of foods wanted. Maybe it was the Alliance of Eggs’ push for change, as so many members of the younger generations desire.

Things were bound to boil over. Soon, battle lines between Dry and Wet were drawn.

The two sides combined their individual forces and entered the fray!

As with all battles, things get messy and soon, a casual observer could no longer distinguish one from the other.

The disorganization of the conflict got the sides nowhere. Vanilla couldn’t separate itself from Cinnamon, no more than Nutmeg could escape Honey.

With time, they separated into individual skirmishes. The heat was on!

Specifically, 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

There they stayed, until the final, amazing transformation manifested.

So, who won this battle?

Why, I did. The victors are always the one to write history, right?

Mmm. Pumpkin mini-muffins.

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