Bat’leth Bunny? The Klingons’ softer side.

Sorry for the silence this week, folks. I’ve been feeling pretty terrible, and this blog has paid the price. Next week will be better, I promise.

On the up side, a good friend of mine dropped by last weekend, and we got to do some communing over crafts, pizza and a movie. As a result, I’m almost done with a couple projects.

I am SO close to finally being done with this bat’leth scarf. All that’s left is to attach the two pieces, weave in the ends, wash and block it. Once it’s finished, I promise to provide better pictures.

This little snowman looking thing will be a bunny for one of my nieces. I just need to track down the tail and sew everything together.

Otherwise? I have a couple of things brewing at the back of my head, but I don’t know how many will actually be done. The last week of November will be madcap, plus I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo, so we’ll see how much crafting will actually be done.

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