Bead Art on Deviant Art

If you’re at all familiar with Deviant Art, you’ll know the site boasts quite a range of artistic types, from the lewd and trashy to the intricate and amazing. I personally enjoy checking out what other people have done, admire it or draw inspiration from it.

I love clothing with beading added to it. According to the artist’s description, this beautiful gown ended up weighing about 4 pounds after all of the beads were affixed, but the result looks beautiful. I wish there was a picture of the rest of the piece.

This is another piece of worn art that tickles me. To be honest, I haven’t seen many of these gloves outside of the occasional antique shop. I’m sure they’re tough to care for and probably end up breaking relatively easily, but they’re just unique enough to make the extra hassle worth it.

I don’t really talk about them much here, but my hubby and I have kept rats since before we were married. Naturally, I have a soft spot for the cuties, so this little guy caught my attention right away. I haven’t looked at the tutorial linked in the description yet, but I may give it a try one of these days.

Native American artistry has always fascinated me. The deep meaning and sheer artistry of their styles is simply beautiful. These two hoops are absolutely lovely, especially considering it sounds like she was a beginner when they were made.
Beaded giraffe by ~angychan on deviantART

Can you tell I love these cute little beaded critters? I haven’t had much practice, outside of making a few dragons off of the pattern I’ll feature below, but that’s another art form I hope to get more proficient at as time passes.
Bead Dragon Instructions by =ChimeraDragonfang on deviantART

I’ve put quite a few of these together, before. They’re so much fun, and the pattern is very easy to follow for even a bumbling beginner like me.

Do any of you have favorite beading projects that either you or someone else has created?

EDIT: By the way, I just got word that there’s a picture of the full dress I’d featured above. Here it is!

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