Big Plans for Home Improvement

My husband and I bought a house about a year after we got married. It was built back in 1954, has the same furnace, an unfinished basement, and…well, it’s a fixer upper, but it’s still cute. This year, we finally decided to do something more than just put paint over the terrible colors the previous owner liked.

Purple sponge paint in the bedroom? Seriously? She even painted the ceiling fan lavender! It was like sleeping in a Prince video.

In fact, after braving frigid temperatures to clean the garage out and running some long awaited errands (like turning 75 pounds worth of aluminum cans in for some money), we headed on over to the local hardware store to take advantage of the sales they have going on power tools.

Hubby loves his circular saw.

My guy was like a kid in a candy store as we were shopping.

In any case, in addition to updating the furnace plus adding air conditioning, we’ll be finishing the basement, and installing two egress windows, so the two new rooms could be legally considered bedrooms.

While we’re still living here, though, one will be an updated office/studio for the hubby and a larger office/craft space for me. My area’s pretty small, so it would be nice to have enough room to make full use out of my sewing cabinet and more storage space for stuff.

At this point, my current office will become either a guest bedroom or reading room. Maybe a combination of the two.

We’re also planning on eventually redoing the kitchen, adding another bathroom in the basement, updating our current bathroom and adding a deck. Of course, this will be happening over a sizable chunk of time, especially since the majority of labor will be done by us instead of contractors.

So, would this be considered crafting, or something else? Building new rooms, redesigning bathrooms and kitchens or generally customizing your home to your tastes certainly takes the same level of creativity as making things from scratch. It also takes a skill set that requires quite a bit of time to master.

I think it counts.

In any case, I’ll probably be blogging about the whole process. Of course, there will be before and after pictures!

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