Book Art

I have a thing for books.

I’ll admit it.

There are books in almost every room of our home, except for the bathroom, and if that room had more storage space, there would probably be books in there, too.

So, when you combine books with art, I get all atwitter. Wonder why? Well, here are some examples.

Granted, I haven’t the foggiest idea of who that band is, but that book is extremely cool.
I don’t know how cute I think it’d be if our ratties decided to turn one of my books into nesting material, but this peice is adorable. I really enjoy the sense of depth and how satisfied that little book rat must be.
Book Sculpture 06-Photographic Print 10″x8″ by FromWithinABook
This listing is extremely neat. It looks like the kind of reading nook I’d love to have. Check out the rest of her shop for more awesomeness – FromWithinABook.
This isn’t exactly in the same vein as the previous three, but this cover is outstanding. This is the type of book I dreamed of writing in when I was a kid, and the type I’d be too afraid to write in as an adult, because my handwriting is terrible and my dyslexia makes spelling anything lengthy correctly a nightmare. 

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