Busy Little Knitter and Crocheter

I’ve been pretty productive this week. Granted, I haven’t created anything earth shattering, but my inner geek has really shown through!

That’s right! I’ve finished my Deadpool gauntlets, and entered them into that Deviant Art contest.

At first, I wasn’t all that pleased with how they turned out, but so far, the reaction has been surprisingly good.

I guess this is just another case of me being my own worst critic, huh?

Self criticism aside, they are quite comfortable, and they were good practice. I had originally meant for them to be reversible, but I’d forgotten that when you turn a garment inside out, the patterns are reversed, too.

That means that when I turn them inside out, the words are backwards. However, as one commenter said, that’s in keeping with Deadpool’s character. I guess that adds some more awesomeness to them, huh?

This cute little Raph isn’t for me, but once I find some more tan-ish yarn, I’ll make one for myself. I like how his belt and mask turned out far more than Leo’s. I also like his shell more, too.

As for the renovations, hubby hasn’t made much more progress. We did pick up a vanity for the sink and whatnot, though. So, we have all of the fixtures we need, at least.

Of course, more as it develops!

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