But dragons!

I ended up taking an unexpected vacation this week, accompanied by countless little germs. The house is a wreck, I’m still worn out, and I’m so behind on writing that I feel a bit like I’m stuck in a pit.

On the up side, I did get a start on a dragon scarf.

It’s a NOSE.

The pattern does actually call for some sort of script before the actual dragon, but I didn’t want to include it, so…I didn’t.

That’s the beauty of making stuff by hand, right?

I chose white and orange, because those were two common colors in the stash of yarn my grandmother had sent. They’re the right weight, so, why not? I have the feeling the dragon will end up being various shades of orange, since there’s not much yarn of ONE shade, but lots of several.

Maybe I’ll try dedicating the rest to a blanket or something.

I’ve also gotten started on a bit of mending. Hubby’s thick winter gloves are ready for use, at least.

As for now, I should try getting a little housework done before my energy runs out again.

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