That Guy Couldn’t BELIEVE What I Was Showing!

April was a busy month for me, and today was the first time that I could leave the house without having to either go to work, meet someone or get to an appointment. So, naturally, I decided to take a stroll in the sunshine to pick up a missed ingredient for the kielbasa dish I’ll be trying today and a couple of school supplies.

While I was waiting for the walk sign to come in, a guy tapped his horn and gave me the nastiest glare I’ve seen in a while. As he did this, he pointed to the sky, as I’ve seen Christians do on a fairly regular basis as of late.

What? Dude, what’s up with you? The only thing I can think of is that he disapproved of what I was wearing, since I was just standing there.

A woman in a black tanktop with a combined image of Jensen Ackle's and Jared Padaleki's faces, a turquise sweatshirt tied around her hips and blue jeans with a brown bag hanging cross-body from one shoulder.Was he that shocked that I would dare to bare my arms, shoulders and collar bones to the world? SCANDALOUS! Don’t show that picture to your kids, folks. They might start asking uncomfortable questions.

I suppose he could have been trying to warn me about the sun, because it IS shining. Skin cancer is a thing, after all. Being the pasty person I am, I have a greater risk of developing it than others out there.

If that’s the case, thanks for your concern Mr. Cranky Pants, but I put on sunscreen before leaving the house. Don’t you worry, I know how to prevent burns.

The last thing that he could have possibly encouraged that response was a dislike of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles or Supernatural in general. Hey, to each their own. That tank top was part of a campaign to draw attention to mental health, so yes, I’ll wear it with pride.

I’m more inclined to think it’s some ridiculous judgement about my obviously obscene skin exposure.

In that case, he’s free to believe what he wants. In fact, I won’t be giving a single kernel of this new product I found on the cereal isle shelves today.

A bag of granola called "Crapola" the subtitle is "Colon-ial Times" With a picture of a couple dressed in American colonial costumes.Nossir, I don’t give a crapola* about what you believe.

However, once you start pushing your beliefs on me, the crapola WILL hit the fan. I assure you, it will be a messy affair.

I got quite a few stares today, but I’ve gotten used to those. This guy, in his subtle, cowardly way, was just another reminder of how badly certain people want to police our bodies.

I don’t know if that particular guy does that to men, too, but it’s still an occurrence women all over the world need to deal with constantly.

I’m glad to have reached the point of not letting that crapola get to me anymore. Yes, I write about it when it happens, but once I hit publish, I doubt I’ll think about it unless I get feedback on this entry.

It’s also worth noting that the majority of male drivers I encountered were very kind to this pedestrian. They let me cross at uncontrolled intersections, and the one guy who kept going was nice enough to give me a wave and thankful nod. I may not be able to judge a guy’s motives on sight, but I do appreciate the fact most of them are decent human beings.

It’s just that sizeable minority that can make life frightening, especially for women, girls and anyone else who happens to look feminine.

So, decent guys who encounter women who are afraid of you, take some time to put yourselves in their shoes. We have good reason to be mistrustful and afraid of men who haven’t already earned our trust.

*That cereal is very good. At $4.99 a bag, it’s too expensive to be more than a treat for me, but I’m glad I picked it up today. It’s produced by a family farm out of Ely, MN, so if you see it in groceries or farmer’s markets, give it a try. No, I’m not affiliated with them, other than the fact it was part of today’s lunch.

I’m still alive!

I haven’t updated here in over a month?!

Bad writer. Bad.

Well, I have actually been writing in addition to working the new job I wrote about last month, just not here.

However, I have been slowly acclimating to the new living situation, so I should be updating and crafting a little more often, soon.

I especially miss fiction, so there may be more of that in the coming months, but we’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, enjoy a lovely sunrise from last Friday. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow me there, too!

Parking lot #sunrise. The only perk of being up this early.

A photo posted by Emilie Peck (@peckemilie) on

My Eyebrows Are Apparently Seductive

I’ve been much busier than usual lately. I’ll be starting school in August, so I’ve been working on everything around that. I also just got a new part time job within walking distance of my house.

Today, I went to fill out the paperwork and ran into a total of three different men on my way there and back.

Two out of three of them decided to yell questions and comments at me. One of them kept yelling gross comments at me when I ignored him.

I looked like the above picture from the chest up. My jacket goes down to my upper thighs, and I was wearing jeans, so no leg was exposed.

It doesn’t at all matter what we wear. My figure is completely hidden when I’m dressed like this. You can’t see more of my face than my eyebrows and little bit of forehead and nose.

There is absolutely no way to know what I look like under all of this clothing.

If it weren’t for the fact I wear a women’s winter coat and jeans, there would be no visible cues of my gender.

All these guys could tell was that I’m female.

That’s all they needed to harass me.

Remember these experiences the next time you’re tempted to blame someone for being harassed or assaulted for dressing provocatively. It doesn’t matter what they wear.

Guys who do it, and it is almost always guys who do it, will do it to anyone who presents as female when they feel safe in doing so.

Self Care and School

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There’s a strange sort of attitude when it comes to higher education in America.

If you don’t have some sort of degree by the age of 30, you’re somehow a failure. Never mind that trades like iron working, plumbing and carpentry are still important jobs that require their own brand of education.

There’s a sort of obligation to go to college, whether you want to or not. It’s to the point where the requirement of having a bachelor’s degree for many jobs is meaningless.

That said, going back can also be an expression of self-care. Meeting new people, learning new things and generally expanding your mind are all ways to take care of yourself.

I’ve made that decision, recently. It’ll be stressful and challenging, but I’m also excited to make some changes for the better in my life.

When we hear “self-care” we think relaxation, but it can also be something difficult. It could be a way to finally make some big, positive differences in quality of life and growth.

By that metric, going back to school is self-care, even if it will, and already has, spelled out stress in the short-term.

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Cats and Boxes

A tabby cat and black cat laying on different boxes, and a tuxedo cat laying on his back in front of the tabby's box.Our cats have a whole bunch of jingly balls, at least three toy mice, and a whole bunch of other toys.

Their favorites? Old shoelaces and boxes.

Always the boxes.

They feel safe in the boxes. They feel comfortable on top of boxes. They ambush us from the shelter of boxes. They swat at each other from between boxes.

Ah, yes, box obsessed cats.

A tuxedo cat curled up in a Guinness box.So, what does that mean for us? We’re box obsessed humans.

Who’s really in charge here?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Amazon Savings Alert!

Disclaimer: This entry contains affiliate links, but hey. You get discounts on the service, too.Deep red background with orange text "Amazon Savings Alert (Now I want to read Wonder Woman comics)

Oooh, hey! Amazon Prime is only only $73 for a year! I actually just signed up for it now. I also just canceled Netflix to save us some extra money per month. That means we’re only paying $6.08/mo instead of the $16/mo we were paying for streaming and DVDs.

Now, we’ll still get streaming, but also:

  • E-book rental (my inner bookworm is ridiculously happy. And you know what that means for this blog? MORE BOOK REVIEWS!)
  • Free 2 day shipping
  • Music
  • Access to discounts & lightening deals on products
  • Probably some other nifty stuff

The offer’s only good for this weekend, though. Otherwise, it’s $99/year. Though, if you break it down, you’ll still be only paying $8.25 a month, which is still pretty good.

If you’re not entirely sure, you can get a 30 day free trial before paying for anything by clicking the below banner.

And for the record, we aren’t switching just because of the savings and the expanded benefits, but also because Netflix’s streaming quality has really tanked on us recently. It’s also frustrating that they don’t offer complete TV series, either.

Fullmetal Alchemist, for example. They don’t have the final story arc, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting it. They cut off right in the middle of the action. They also skip episodes on Quantum Leap.

First world problems, I know. But if we’re going to spend our hard earned money for a service, isn’t it reasonable to expect decent quality?

This may not be a pretty entry, but it hasn’t been a pretty week, either.

For the past several years, my husband and I have been clearing snow for an elderly couple who lives across the ally from us.

He survived polio, although he lost most use of his legs, and made it through a bout of stomach cancer. Last year, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Through it all, he stayed feisty and friendly whenever we chatted with him.

The weekend before last, he passed away. He was in his 90s and lived a full life, but it’s always hard when someone you know passes away. I can’t imagine what his widow, another lovely human being, is going through. Right now, we’re still clearing snow for her, and she knows we’re just right here if she needs us.

I never thought I’d be so sad to see a wheelchair ramp disappear in my life.

This week, the world lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman and a few other celebrities to that awful disease. Bowie and Rickman were the two that hit the hardest, simply because I was most familiar with them.

I think this latest cluster of deaths is part of why I’ve had such a hard time writing for this blog this week. That, and a bout with norovirus. (Wash your hands, kids! Believe me, it’s a nasty bug.)

There’s too much spinning around in my head right now.

I guess that means I’m overwhelmed by everything that’s going on.

Nursing a sick husband and dealing with fever/stomach cramps/less savory things probably don’t help, either.

On the up side, at least we’re both starting to feel better.

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This has been one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in a while. Beyond the regular stresses that come with budgeting and running a household, we discovered one of our kitties had something wrong with her on Tuesday night.

Fortunately, our awesome vet was able to get us in on Wednesday, and with fears of something terrible fluttering in our chests, we brought her in. Our sweet little tabby had something going on that’s seen much more often in dogs – impacted anal glands. Gross, I know. Not much fun to treat, either, but nothing serious.

A tabby cat curled up on a white, plush chair.So, she’s enduring sitz-baths for the next few days and some rather uncomfortable salve application for four more days. At least she’s slowly starting to feel better and getting more treats than usual.

The vet also suggested giving her a little fish oil once a day, so I’m looking for something she won’t turn her nose up at, since the stuff I take is pretty strong smelling once out of the caplets.

Anyway, although it was a huge relief to find out she’ll be alright, the stress was bad enough to cause me some pretty nasty pain this morning. I woke up with upper back, neck and headpain, all of which happen when I get stressed out.

Fortunately, I was able to sleep in a little bit this morning before enjoying coffee out of my new favorite mug while watching an episode of Quantum Leap.

A clear glass mug filled with coffee with a picture of the Ninja Turtle Raphael in front of a slice of pizza on it and the words "All I want for Christmas is Pizza!" in red.Quantum Leap has some great episodes, but I’m getting to a few that are pretty mediocre. I continue to be entertained at what the writers think people dressed like in the late 20th century, though.

The character Al from Quantum leap in red pants, a white shirt with black cuffs, a black vest, a black and red striped tie and a red fedora.It’s hilarious looking back at what science fiction writers thought people of the future will wear when you’ve lived through that future. It’s pretty obvious this show was written in the late ’80s and early ’90s based on Al’s wardrobe alone.

I’m feeling much better now. After a little stretching, I was able to get on with my day.

What did you do for self-care this week? Share in the link-up below!

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New Year Yarn!

Yesterday, I celebrated the first day of 2016 by picking up some new yarn. Thank you parents-in-law for the gift card, and thanks Michael’s for 55% off yarn sale!

A plastic bag of yarn with a pair of knitting needles sitting on top.That meant that today, I finally got around to making a blanket for my friend’s baby due in February.

Naturally, the cats were thrilled for an opportunity to claim my attention.

A black cat with green eyes looking at the camera with my hand holding the project I'm knitting resting on his back.
He’s so very helpful. He was lying on my stomach and trying to claim my arms, too.
A black and white cat lying on his back.
This little guy rarely sits or curls up on us. When I knit, though, he likes sprawling partially on me.

Our tabby paid me a visit, too, but I couldn’t get a picture of her, because she likes pushing her little head into my hands for scratches. She does that when I’m trying to type, too.

Those kitties are so sweet that I can’t get angry at them for wanting my attention. It’s quite an effective defense mechanism.

All of the feline interruptions aside, I still managed to finish the blanket! I haven’t taken a picture of its entirety, since the lighting in our house at night isn’t that great, but I did get this detail.

A knit blanket with a diamond pattern of blue, white, green and brown.That pattern was completely unintentional on my part. The blanket was knit using two strands of yarn throughout. The color lot in those two skeins were colored in just the right way to result in a diamond pattern.

So cool.

That’s part of why I enjoy using multi-colored yarn. I never know exactly what the pattern is going to be like when I finish making my project, and it’s neat seeing how it plays out.

I’d say this is a good start to the year.

Self Care Bonanza – ALL THE WATER

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll be doing some adult drinking tonight. Paramount in self-care is watching your health, which is why I’m featuring water in this week’s installment.

River water broken by bolders and dappled with sunlight.The general rule is to drink two full glasses of water per every alcoholic drink you consume. That will help reduce dehydration and mitigate the New Years hangover.

River rapids immediately following a water fall.It’s also a good idea to sip on water throughout the day, even when you’re not planning on drinking in the evening. However, when you are planning on partying with the over 21 crowd, it’s even more important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Waves breaking on rocks.Things like alcohol, coffee and many types of sodas are diuretics, which mean they encourage water loss. While that’s helpful in some medical conditions, too much can be harmful.

And remember, always listen to your body. If you need to throw up, throw up. If you start feeling sick, take a break from the booze. Your health is more important than anyone else’s opinion.

Shovel PointIf you need to bring your own water, do so.

As a side note, all the water pictured in this post is either from Lake Superior or its tributaries. It’s remarkably clear, and the brown color comes from the iron rich soil of the area. We didn’t get up there this summer, but hopefully we will in 2016.

What are your self-care tips or routines for the New Year? Join the linkup and share with us!

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