Catnip, Stuffing and Glue Guns

How’s that for a combination, huh? It sounds like it would be a lot messier than it turned out to be.

As for my crafty endeavors this week, I did manage to get a few things done.

There is Doctor Crankypants, of course. I may end up trying to make some of my characters from some fiction I have in the works. I’m actually thinking of redesigning some of them, so this might be a fun way to do that.

Yes, these are cat toys! I rather like how four of those turned out, but the red, green and white one, and the yellow and pink one are just…meh. The other four are on their merry way to friends and family with kitties. The two weirdly shaped ones are staying here.

Hey, the cats don’t care. As soon as I’d finished the red, green and white one, our tux kitty went chasing after it and proceeded to bat it around the house for the next fifteen minutes.

There is catnip in them, too. We have a ton of it growing in our back yard, and some of it had been drying in my office closet. I used making these toys as an excuse to get it bagged up, and some of it sent out to loved ones whose kitties will enjoy it.

I think I’ll try making some cat toys out of the felt, too. Our cats do like the crochet toys, but they go nuts over the felt toys I’d gotten at the store a few months ago.

Besides that, I wrapped a bunch of gifts, and in retrospect, I probably should have gotten a few pictures of them, before packaging them up for shipment.

Ah well. Have a slightly out of focus pic of our tux kitty sniffing away at the carpet for more catnip.

He’d pose all sweetly, but as soon as I hit the button, he’d do this. Little trouble maker.

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