Coffee Painting and Crafts – All Hail Coffee!

In my eternal effort to consume more healthy things and lower my caffeine intake, I’ve decided to cut coffee out for a while.


I think the longest I’ve managed to date is maybe three or four months, when there was some concern about a possible stomach ulcer. I know I can do it, but…

I’m on my second coffee-free day and already I’m craving the stuff. I figure I’ll try using the struggle to my advantage by looking at renditions of coffee in crafts and coffee being used to create art.

This may backfire, but at least you guys will have some nifty things to look at, right?

Coffee Art
by Elmastudio, [CC BY-ND 2.0], via Flickr

This one cracks me right up. Drinking a coffee flavored drink? BAM! STRAW! AND…GO!

These are so ridiculously cute! According to the blurb she put on DA, she’d used oven bake clay with glaze to create both the cups and the drink.

I love these progression videos. This one is great, because you can really see how the artist used coffee to create the shading and ink to provide a firmer outline for the elements of the picture. Check out her youtube chanel for some more really neat art videos.

Wire Wrapped Coffee or Tea Made to Order Adjustable Ring at 1ofAkinds

This is just nifty. Wear your love of coffee (or tea) on your hand! Also, check out the rest of her shop, 1ofAkinds. She has lots of very cute, unique things to offer.

Hm. Well, this didn’t really do much to get rid of the craving, but it is just a small sampling of the neat coffee inspired stuff that’s out there.

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