Collection planning!

I finally came up with an idea of what I want to do for the Art Show put on by the convention I go to every year, CONvergence!

One of my all time favorite animes is FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It’s got humor, very cool action sequences and…well, alchemy. It also throws questions about what a soul is, what truth really is and the complexities of human nature around.

It’s right up my ally, what can I say?

Well, a few of the characters have seen something called the Gateway. Each of them had a different pattern inscribed on the doorways. They’re very neat looking, so I wanted to somehow incorporate them into the collection.

Long story short, I’m putting them on double sided scarves. I’m also planning on making little crochet key chain-dolls for the three characters.

Two of the patterns are easy enough to come by, since they’re actual alchemical trees, but the third is completely fictional. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a single complete image of it, either.

However, enough of it is visible from different angles that I was able to get a halfway decent idea of what it looked like.

Here are some shots of my somewhat messy process:

The frightened looking guy on the printout is one of the characters I’ll be making a key chain of. Poor guy wasn’t very happy at that point.

Here’s the final image I came up with:

A little on the rough side, sure, but it’s an idea of what it’ll look like. I’m not 100% on the colors, either, but I do like the combination.

Right now, I’m trying to translate it into an actual knitting chart.

Yeah, I’m not very far along.

It’s a work in progress, anyway. Hopefully, I can get it all done by July. Lots of time, but this stuff is also time consuming, and I have unrelated irons in the fire, too.

As far as remodeling goes, well. Same story as last week, though my husband did replace a broken pipe under our kitchen sink. Sucker had a rather impressive hole in it, and we’re not entirely sure of how it happened.

It’s probably just a question of aging, but wow. Anyway, we now have a hole in the kitchen wall that needs to be patched up.

Fun times, huh?

No news on the seedling front, but that’s hardly surprising.

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