CONvergence Cosplays – July 4, 2014

Happy (slightly belated) Fourth of July to my American readers! Happy (even more) belated Canada Day to my Canadian readers! Happy (insert national celebration of your choice here) day to (insert nationality) here!

Today’s the third day of CONvergence here in Minnesota, and it’s been a blast so far. There are so many wonderful costumes, talented people and generally wonderful things every year. This one is no different.

Here are the cosplays I captured yesterday in no particular order. If you see yourself and would like credit, please leave a comment, so I can add your name and a link to whatever page you’d like.

These are two of my favorite characters from the world of DC Comics: Nightwing and The Huntress.

Here are our punk TMNT costumes, plus a great April O’neil! She was such fun. We ran into another April on Thursday, too, but since I didn’t have my camera at the time, I couldn’t get a picture of her.

Harry Dresden with Bob the Skull! He’s a character from the book series The Dresden Files. I’ve read the first three or four books, and enjoyed them greatly.

Another comic book favorite, this time from Marvel. Jubilee! Here we are, toasting our popcorn.

What geek convention isn’t complete without some Monty Python representation? King Arthur and his knights are sporting real chain mail. The oversized helmet knights crack me up.

Carl from Up! This gent was fantastic.

A fun take on the Super Mario Brothers!

Here’s Captain Hammer from Doctor Horrible’s Singalong Blog fandom and a Galactic Hitchhiker who finally found some tea.

Beast and Leo! Those blue folks have to stick together, right?

Every year, a local group of Star Trek fans put on a bat’leth tournament at this convention. It’s a little difficult getting action shots, but I did manage this one of two contenders. We’d run into a couple of the coordinators putting those bat’leths together out of foam and duct tape on Thursday.

This Ursula is just beautiful! Her eels and tentacles are fantastic.

Here we have two Doctors with their sonic screwdrivers.

Yo Samity Sam finally got her rabbit! The eyes on Bugs there are Xs, which just adds to the comedic gold.

This gent made that tunic, glove and a belt that you can’t see here. I had a great conversation with him in the tea room. Those pieces are so heavy, but beautifully constructed.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, is Sonic and Doctor Eggman! Way too much fun.

Today, my friend and I will be running around in our Star Trek red shirt getups during the day. Stay tuned tomorrow morning for some more cosplay from con!

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