Cosplay Brainstorming!

A blurred picture of a woman in a homemade cosplay with the words "Cosplay Brainstorming!" superimposed over her.I realize the convention I’ll be attending isn’t until July, but last year, my friends and I talked about doing steampunk TMNT this year, and I’d like to carry through on that. Since my budget is next to nothing, that means I’ll be making everything.

I have a few ideas in mind.

Crochet Gear Shell
Since the steampunk look is all about gears and intricacies, I thought it’d be a good idea to incorporate that into the shell. Turtle shells naturally have different sections, so why shouldn’t I crochet some gears, make a little shell-shaped backpack and sew them on in an appropriate pattern?

It should be interesting to see how it turns out.

DIY Goggles
Much as I’d like to pick up a pair of commercial goggles, maybe like these gorgeous things, I’ve found quite a few DIY tutorials. Most of them are completely doable, and although the results wouldn’t be quite as intricate as some of the ones on the market, they should turn out well.

Corset – Maybe
I like corsets. I’ve always liked how they look, and one style I’ve tried on was actually pretty comfortable. That said, the vast majority are way, WAY out of my price range. A good corset may be amazing, but there’s no way I can afford one.

That said, I still have the notes from a panel my buddy and I attended last year about costuming on a budget. One of the topics that came up was DIY corsets. I still have to check out the web page, but if I can try my hand at making one, even a faux corset, I will.

A turtle plastron painted onto a lighter colored tank top.
It might be neat to see if I can incorporate this into the corset.

When I think “steampunk” I think of skirts and intricate patterns. However, when I was chatting with another friend, she mentioned she liked how women dressed in steampunk style look in pants.

After looking at some pictures, I agree. But the thing is, this will be in early July, so a skirt might just be cooler. I don’t know. There’s still time, anyway.

Now, I should really break out the yarn and experiment with crochet gear patterns.

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