Cosplay on the brain

So far as crafting goes, I’ve had my mind on cosplay and jewelry. I’ve recently found a couple of tutorials about how to crochet jewelry wire, but I haven’t tried any of them just yet. That’ll probably happen this weekend.

Depending on how it turns out, I may end up making a small jewelry collection to submit to the Art Show at CONvergence this year instead of the crochet/knitting. I’m having such a hard time with the knitting patterns. That project should be done without the pressure of any sort of deadline.

Like last year, I’ll be showcasing some of the fun cosplays attendees put together on this blog, plus there are a couple of crafty panels I fully intend on taking part in. One is about making a DNA necklace, and another is making a little gargoyle out of polymer clay!

Sounds fun, right? I’m looking forward to it.

Anyway, I’ve only done a couple small things this week. First, of course, was that bracelet I made for the Art Assignment.

Fascinating, huh?

Then came the cell phone pouch with large, friendly letters in red.

Fun times. Really gotta get more embroidery practice in.

And lastly, my very first ear-cuff.

Needs some tweaking, but still a cool idea.

I’m still not that practiced with wire wrapping, but I plan on designing and making a “Babel fish” ear cuff for the convention, and maybe selling some of the better ones I come up with online.

The fish idea will either be molded out of the wire, or I might incorporate some orange or yellow glass beads into it. I’ll have to play around with the materials and see what I come up with.

Between the ear cuffs and the earrings, I guess I have a thing for bejeweling my ears, huh? I think I might start expanding to rings, too. Since wire is so malleable, I figure whatever I make will be adjustable enough to fit most finger (and toe) sizes.

Anyway, just small stuff this week. I haven’t done much with the plants, since it’s been sort of cold and miserable, lately. The cilantro’s still alive, at least, but I don’t know about the morning glories. I haven’t checked them in a few days.

I should probably do that, huh?

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