Crafting: Family Heirlooms That Keep Giving

Four generations of craft.

Part of what I love about crafting is how the products end up getting passed through the generations.

Take the picture of the pretty doll, blanket, scarf and bunny plaque, for example.

That blanket was made by the great aunt after whom I was named. She had passed it on to her favorite niece, my grandmother, who then gave it to me a few years ago. The doll, Gretel, was made by that same grandmother when I was 5, and I carried it around for a very long time. The scarf I made, which is still for sale, and the little plaque was made by my mom when I was just a baby.

I plan on keeping most of these things, except for the scarf, and passing them on to my children, should I have any. The thing about handmade things is the soul and effort that gets put into them, along with the strictly physical resources.

Sure, the yarn probably didn’t cost as much as silver, and the finished products may not be worth as much as something like the Hope Diamond to the world at large, but to me, they’re treasures, and they can’t be replaced.

Hopefully, future generations can learn to appreciate the love, creativity and artistry that goes into these things.

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