Crafting: More Than Making Pretty Things

Since I started teaching myself how to knit, crochet and do assorted other crafty things, I’ve learned about more than making things with my hands.

I’ve learned that while intent is the seed from which great things are grown, it’s nothing without being nourished with action.

I’ve learned that seemly simple thing are more complex, when you take the time to learn how to create them. That act of learning how to create has given me a deeper appreciation of the people and things that surround me, and a new respect for master crafters.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned that if you’re not brave enough to take a chance on trying something new, you miss out on a massive range of experiences.

Crafting is about so much more than just making pretty things. Sure, that’s a part of it, but it’s also about enriching our individual lives through getting a different grip on how the world around us works.

What have you learned from your creative endeavors?

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