Crafting While Cuddling Kitties

Cool weather is upon us, and as any human who has been claimed by a feline knows, this marks the

beginning of snuggle season for the cats in our lives. At least, that’s the way it goes for the cats in my life. Once they’re settled in, it’s a crime to move them, lest they use their Power of Cute to reap revenge.

So, what can we, the crafty, do while our laps are full of warm, fuzzy goodness?

Of course, this is the activity most felines prefer you use your hands for. Scritches, pets and general cuddles are the most important part of ensuring your Feline Overlords/ladies remain happy.

If you do manage to commence with any other activities, you must take frequent breaks to offer suitable homage.

Paper Craft
I’ve discovered that doing things like origami and making custom cards is possible without disturbing the furry master occupying my lap. Paper folding doesn’t require much mobility other than the hands, but custom card making does require a bit of work space organization.

Before getting started, make sure everything you need is within easy reach. The less reaching and twisting you need to do, the fewer disturbances your cat will need to deal with.

I often knit or crochet while acting as a living pillow for our kitties. They actually seem to enjoy when I work on larger projects, because they get an extra layer of warmth the finished expanse rests on them.

Of course, I still need to be careful not to let them catch sight of trailing yarn. There’s something about it that is irresistible to the playful kitty’s paws and mouths. Working with yarn covered in cat slobber is not pleasant, though it does ensure I wash the article once I’m finished with it.

DrawingAs long as you’re not planning on doing anything involving paints, charcoal or other messy mediums, it is possible to work on visual artwork with a cat. In fact, said cat may appreciate acting as model for your artistic endeavors.

Although there’s no reason why you can’t be productive during cuddle season, once the kitty decides they want your attention, they have ways of getting it.

Yes, Your Highness, I get the message.

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