Crafty Plans

This Christmas, it came to my attention that I have no fall/winter/early spring skirts. I do, however, have three pairs of ripped up jeans. One pair is destined for upcycling as some sort of home decoration, one is still alright to wear when I’m in a grungy mood, but the third will be reborn as a skirt this weekend.

I’ll more than likely draft a how-to blog entry, or maybe HubPages article, about how I did it, provided it turns out the way I want it to. I’ll be using that starry fabric as panels to give the skirt a little more body.

A gift from my mother-in-law actually prompted this realization. One of her coworkers also knits, and she made these nifty boot toppers:

The suckers look really easy to make, and they’re super cute. As it stands, though, I have the boots to wear them with, but not seasonal clothing to wear with the boots.

Maybe I’ll even try my hand at making a shirt or sweater. It’s been a while since I’ve tried doing anything like that.

Otherwise? I might get started on blanket number three. At least I have a couple months before that needs to be done. I’ll have one more blanket to make for someone after that before I can return to knitting my dragon scarf, or maybe starting in a blanket for us. That depends on if I can get through all of the housecleaning I have planned before next week.

Happy Friday, all!

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