Crafty Shenanigans Galore!

Surprisingly enough, I’ve actually been productive this week (sort of)!

Strange, I know.

Here are the two goodies I’d completed:

Amazing how much easier it is to take pictures when the sun’s out.
You guys remember this from Monday, right? It’s so much easier to get pictures when I have good lighting. It’s been raining the entire week, but there’s a strange ball of fire in the sky today.
I’m trying not to freak out too much.
A girl needs her kick-around-the-house gear, right?
 I have this raggedy old sweater that I wear around the house when it’s nippy. I picked it up at a garage sale ages ago, and somehow lost the belt. So, I decided to make one to keep my hands busy. It was a nice mindless project to keep me occupied for a while.
Why didn’t I work on that double sided scarf? Well, because I got fed up with it, and decided to unravel it. I’m still making it, but I’ll only be using two colors. I just don’t have the patience to keep experimenting with multiple colors at the moment.
I get the feeling that if I did keep trying, I wouldn’t have it done by the time CONvergence rolls around, much less the rest of the collection. I restarted this morning, and got a whole FOUR ROWS done.
Maybe five rows. I’d need to count.
I’m making it a bit thinner, too, since I somehow messed the gauge up. Ah, well. I’m intent upon finishing this one, at least.
Lastly, I’m finally hardening most of the seedlings! There’s one that will be staying inside, so it’s currently staring wistfully out the window at its siblings.
I hadn’t been turning them regularly, so they all leaned over to catch as much sunlight as possible.
Morning glories.
I’ll be replacing the soil in the holder I have for the morning glories. Generations past seem to have liked that spot. I’ll probably stop by the Farmer’s Market and see what sorts of flowers they have, so I can fill that area out a bit more. I’d like to pick up some sage, basil and maybe some veggie seedlings anyway.
Finally, a halfway decent shot of the baby thyme!

That’s a lot of cilantro. It’ll be time to give them away soon.
We’re still not safely past frosts or freezes at night, so I’ve done no planting at all outside. Perennials have started coming back though, like my seedums, chocolate mint (gonna have a lot of that stuff this year – yum), peppermint and a WHOLE lot of catnip.
And, of course, weeds. It should be nice this weekend, so I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing!

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