Crafty Updates and Whatnot

So, if you’re following my Facebook page (which you should be, since there will be a giveaway when ONE MORE PERSON hits that like button!), you’ll know that I’m working on a cosplay for the local Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention.

Hey, look! A cape and patch-in-progress!

That said, I’ve been working like crazy to catch up and hopefully get ahead on various projects. So, unfortunately, I haven’t been updating here nearly as much as I’d like to.

That will be changing, of course. In fact, I plan on updating this blog every night that I’m at the convention with pictures of epic cosplays, with the permission of the cosplayers.

Really, the convention isn’t huge, but it’s the only one I can afford to get to. There are always fantastic costumes and crafts showcased there.

So, stay tuned!

Other planned entries include:

  • Car friendly crafts for kids
  • More gem/stone features
  • Maybe some historical info on crafts or knitting. (I haven’t decided yet.)

Is anyone interested in seeing anything in particular? If so, feel free to comment!

Once again, since we’re SO CLOSE, feel free to like the facebook page for the chance at a giveaway, sales announcements for my etsy shop and random, fun posts!

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