Crafty Year In Review

I’m not entirely sure of where 2013 went, but suddenly, it’s December 30th. How did that happen?

Anyway, I’ve seen some artists go back and post their favorite works from every month of the year as a sort of celebration of their accomplishments, or demonstration of progress. I like that idea, so, why not?

So, here we have some of my favorites from each month.

January –

Picture first used in my hub, Top Five Things to Do With Old Jeans
I’m pretty sure I made this pillow, or at least one like it, back in January. It’s a little surprising just how comfortable these things are. This one is actually on sale at Etsy, here, though if it doesn’t get sold before it expires, I’ll move it either to Storenvy or Ebay.

February – I can’t seem to find any pictures from that month. Woops. Well, how about one of my favorite hubs from that month? How to Keep Your Home Organized offers a peek into some of the systems I have in place.

March –

From the blog entry Origami Videos.

I still have this flutter by sitting on my desk.

April –

From my hub, How to Make a Messenger Bag out of an Old Pair of Jeans
I use this bag when I’m running errands that don’t require me to carry much weight with me, like trips to the library or light shopping.

May –

The first of the long custom gauntlets offered here.

These were actually quite the challenge to make, since I was working off of someone else’s measurements, and it was the first time I’d made gauntlets quite that long. I really like how they turned out, though.

The customer seems to like them, too.

June –

My tumblr cape and an in progress patch from Crafty Updates and Whatnot.

Ah, cosplay. It’s such fun. Some people got the joke, others didn’t, but I did get a few very entertaining messages written over the course of the convention weekend.

July – Again, not much by way of crafting this month, since I was out of town for most of it. However, I did manage to write a few hubs. This one about Street Harassment is one of my favorites, since it addresses a rather important issue that too many people have normalized.

August –

From the hub Upcycling Ideas: DIY Crafts For Clothing, Sheets and Paper Products.

That’s the same butterfly as above, but I made the hat and boat for that hub. August was another rather crazy month for me, so crafting took a back seat again.

September –

From Tutorial Try – Seed Packet Cards

Ok, these were a lot of fun to make. I’ll have to take another foray into paper making, since it was such a blast to do.

October –

From the hub, How to Make a Unique Gift Box With an Old Coffee Can and Junk Mail

This was another fun one to make. I’m also rather proud that I got started on my holiday list back in October, for a change! Amazing.

Hopefully, the little girl it’s on its way to will like it.

November –

From the Endure 4 Kindness Results entry

I had so much fun with E4K. Random Acts is such a great charity, and I’m happy to have been able to contribute towards it and ARC.


From Simple Crochet Garland Pattern
I realize that December isn’t technically over yet, but this garland is still my favorite for the month. It’s the first crochet pattern I attempted to write down, and the garland itself turned out beautifully. I hadn’t realized how little white was on our tree until that piece brightened it up.
I suppose I can glean two things from my crafting habits through the year – 
1. The summer is a bad time to attempt crafting things. No wonder I was going through withdrawal in August.
2. I have a thing for textiles and paper. I know I completed some jewelry, but yarn, fabric and paper seem to be my three primary mediums.
It should be fun to see what 2014 brings!

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