Creepy-Cute-Cool Eyeball Crafts

Now, I do my best not to be judgmental about things people do to their bodies, but some things, like contact lens jewelry, just make me squirm in the least enjoyable way possible.

Just…NO. Don’t DO that.

I have absolutely no problem with lenses with outrageous colors. In fact, I think those are pretty cool. If I needed contacts, I’d probably try getting at least one pair to wear when I feel like getting a reaction from people, but I can’t cope with things actually hanging off of the lens.

ANYWAY. How about some fun Halloweeny eye arts and crafts to get our mind off of the disgust associated with sparkly things dangling from living eyeballs?

Glow-in-the-Dark Jewelry
I featured EyeGloArts back when I was still doing monthly shop features. Since then, I’ve been following them over on Facebook. This weekend, Lorraine posted this awesome peice there.

Reptile Red Glow in the Dark Eye Pendant

Seriously, how fun is this? It’s perfect for Halloween, or anyone who likes wearing these sorts of goodies year round. If you haven’t already, check out her shop. She has a ton of amazing things there.

Eyeball Bows
These are so cute! I found this super easy tutorial on YouTube that tells you how to make your own.

One of these days, I’ll have to pick up some white clay and some paints to give it a try. I may end up just making a couple of duct tape bows for our Halloween kitties.

Eyeball Lights
Landee, over at Landeelu posted a great tutorial of how to make your own string of eyeball lights. Check it out here!

This is another one I’ll need to try one day. I think I’ll bookmark it and see if I can get some clearance lights after the holiday season ends.

Of course, there are countless edible eyeball recipes that involve everything from lychee to cookies and gelatin. There’s something visceral about disembodied eyes that make them perfect for Halloween shenanigans!

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