Cute Little Ninjas

Hot glue is evil, man. Convenient and useful, but still evil. Why do I bring that up?

Well, I just finished the TMNT key chains for CONvergence!

The boys are kicking back!

You can definitely tell they were made by an amateur, but I’m still happy with how they turned out. I might still try making some weapons for them, but I’m not sure I’ll have time in the next week to do so.  I’ve quite a bit of work to do for other stuff, after all.

By the way, if you’re a crocheter, I wrote the pattern down for the turtles, sans ninja accessories, and posted it here.

The other crafty thing I’ve done, other than making tea and old remedies for the cold I’m finally recovering from, is make the no sew skirt for my punk Raph costume! Here’s the one decent shot I could get of it today.

Not the full costume. I just didn’t feel like putting it all together and fighting with the camera.

I’d found the t-shirt I used to make it at a thrift store, and bought it for the dog art. After getting home, I noticed the “FAILE” in lights, and looked up what it was. Fittingly enough, it’s an artistic collaboration between two Brooklyn artists. As far as I can tell, they have ties to street art, as well. Here’s the online shop.

Fitting for a TMNT costume, huh? Anyway, the skirt is secured with a couple of fun buttons I had kicking around the house. I’d like to find a third, though.

Wonder if anyone will recognize Foamy the Squirrel, wielder of Squirrelly Wrath and our Lord and Master. (He hangs out over at Ill Will Press.) Raph just seemed fitting.

For a peek at (most of) the rest of the costume, here’s a very low quality pic I took yesterday with my web cam.

You can’t see my boots. The shell and mask I’ll be wearing are still in storage.

I was debating on forgoing the leggings, but after seeing what the skirt looks like without, I think I’ll probably go for them during con.

So, as far as costumes go, I might bring back the Red Shirt costume, depending on what my buddy thinks, which means I’ll be doing a bit of work on the dress to get it to fit a bit better. If I have enough red fabric, I’m going to try making a lining, or at least a slip, to wear underneath.

Still doing the Galactic Hitchhiker thing for one of the days. This is going to be such fun!

Right! By the way, I’m taking part in another Crafty Show & Sell over at Zzzonkowl! Check the link out here. Check it out, if you get the chance.

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