#CVG2015 Cosplay in Review

There’s a line from Michelangelo in the second TMNT movie, “This way, dude. It ain’t the Hilton. Um, let’s face it, you’d be better off staying at the Hilton.”

..yeah. It’s not a BAD hotel, but since I couldn’t remember my HH Rewards info, and didn’t feel like bugging my friends for theirs, I tried making do with the complimentary internet. Not so great.

So, no updates from me this weekend.

That said, the convention was great fun, as usual! Enjoy the few pictures I remembered to get!

…I was hunched in fear. My posture is usually better.

For those of you not familiar with Welcome to Nightvale, this person’s dressed up as The Glow Cloud. The Glow Cloud is a glowing cloud that randomly appeared over Nightvale, a small desert community, and dropped small, dead animals on anyone who approached it.

Apparently, it later returned for good and became the president of the local PTA, since the town seemed like a good place to raise a family.

This glow cloud dropped this on me –

Ran into Toph and Fire Lord Ozai in the Dealer’s Room, ’cause why wouldn’t they be hanging out together? I think I saw the entire cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender over the course of the convention.

These two were great! She’s wearing makeup and a prosthetic nose. I saw her a while before taking this picture, too, and thought she was wearing a mask at first. His mask and jacket were fantastic, too. These two are some of my favorite costumes.

Friday night, we ran into some male TMNT cosplayers! Way too funny. We kept running into them throughout that and Saturday night. We’d greet each other with hugs and cries of “BROTHERS!” and “SISTERS!”

I love con.

The male Don had the idea of ordering pizza, so this happened:

No comments, unfortunately. We did get a few puzzled looks, though. It was pretty great. They had pre-recorded a bunch of TMNT related music and had it playing the whole time.

Doctor Horrible and Laura Croft hanging out, because why not?

SPACEBALLS!! I have so much love for that movie. These two were so much fun.

And, on a related note…

BARF! Ah, mawgs. Their own best friends. He had Cheeze-Its in the box, so he could snack out of it. So great.

It took me WAY too long to figure out where this guy’s from. He’s one of the bad guys from the second Hellboy movie. I think? Well, I’m pretty sure. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. He looked great, though.

Zombie Sailor Moon going after Tuxedo Mask! Mwahaha!

Jack Skellington and Sally! His fingers really creeped me out, and I always admire the dedication that goes with body paint. We ran into these two on one of the shuttles to the convention.

I don’t know if this guy is from something specific, or if he was just running with the dystopian theme. I noticed first that he was smoking a pipe, but when I saw the sign, I about fell over laughing.

When I asked him if I could get his picture, he asked if I wanted to try some fresh air. It was then he showed me what was on his back.

Yes, those are live plants in there. He’s wearing a terrarium on his back. So cool.

These two were awesome, too. She controlled what colors his suit had with her phone, as well as what showed up on his face plate. The poor guy had to be dying in that suite though.

Good thing we were in the Fan Service room.

While in that room, I noticed this lineup:

Kisuke Urahara flanked by creepy clowns. What’s not to love? Hehehe.

Again, not entirely sure of which character he’s dressed up as, but that prop is impressive. Very cool and glowy.

What’s a convention without a Deadpool or three?

There were so many great costumes I didn’t get pictures of. There was a massive dancing Groot, a man-sized Toothless with Astrid, Lego Batman and Han Solo, plus a score of Leeloos and so many other characters I’m not familiar with.

The rooms were well decorated, too. I had a nice conversation with this guy from the Star Wars room.


Try to shoot me, will ya? Hmph.

It was a great time. This year, I even got to spend a little money in the dealer’s room.

The knot work ring is handmade. Even more impressive, it actually fits my middle fingers. My hands are small enough that the only rings I can ever find without having them custom made only fit my pointers. Even then, most places don’t carry that size.

Those earrings are mystic topaz, and also handmade.

The Renji charm is meant for cell phones, but he’s hanging out with Raph on my purse, right now.

That mood ring was actually a freebie from one of the party rooms.

Yep, we confused hitchhikers are going off planet until next year!

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