December Sale and Fundraiser Alert!

These gauntlets are listed here.

I’ll be hosting a different sale for every month of December.

This week’s sale is 30% off with coupon code DECEMBERONE at both of my shops on storenvy and etsy.

I am open to custom orders, but if you’d like them done and on their way by Christmas, you’ll need to get them in ASAP. Just drop me a note through my stores, or e-mail

I plan on getting at least one or two new listings up every week over at storenvy, too.

On another note, if you have a little extra to give, please concider supporting one of my cousins, Lynn, in making her house more livable here.

In October, her brother lost his battle with cancer, under a month after his wife succumed to a pulmonary embolism. Their four year old daughter is now by cared for by Lynn and her husband. Since this was so sudden, they need some help in adding a couple of extra rooms to their house, so it’ll be livable for everyone involved.

If you can’t give or can only afford to give a little, that’s ok. However, spreading the word costs nothing, and would be very appreciated!

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