DIY Ideas for Upcycling

Once you get bitten by the upcycling bug, it’s hard to get out of the habit. While you can figure out some projects yourself, like the pillow I’d posted a few entries back and the messenger bag I wrote about here, sometimes working off of a good tutorial is the best way to go.

I’ve found that tutorials, patterns and other instructional things do more than teach you how to make that specific project. They also let you learn skills to put towards making other goodies.

So, without further delay, here are some tutorials that look fantastic and I plan on trying out sometime in the near future.

1) T-Shirt to Vest
This is extremely cute! Altering t-shirts is way too much fun.

This project would work well with t-shirts you don’t want to part with after losing weight or hand-me-downs from someone bigger than you are. A quick trip to the thrift shop would also give you some good material to work with.

2) Bags to Yarn and Waterproofing Fabric
If you’re anything like us, you probably have a cabinet in the kitchen overflowing with those plastic grocery bags. I tend to have issues remembering to bring them with me to get recycled, so reusing them in creative ways has been on my mind.

This link has some great ideas about how to make them into yarn, or use them as waterproofing for fabrics.

I’ll actually be putting henna in my hair next week, so I may make use of one to keep the dye from getting all over the place.

3) Upcycled Snowflakes
No, this isn’t a way to recycle snow. Nature does that already, through the water cycle.

This link shows you how to use plastic bags, old CDs and an old lamp shade to make some very pretty ornamental snowflakes for your yard, windows or Christmas tree. These would make great holiday gifts.

Ok, this is extremely cool! Once it gets warm enough to throw my windows open, I’m definitely going to give this a shot.
5) Magazine Reed Box
Here’s an example of something I never would have thought of. I bet it would work just as well for those craft catalogues as for magazines. Why not pretty up a plane picture frame with this, or make one out of heavy duty cardboard?
If any of you try these projects, I’d love to see links to your creations! I’ll post any that I successfully create, too.;sz=180×150;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802463871;pid=10459;usg=AFHzDLuhsjUgYeAlZ1Y9iGqk3iM8dw_mqg;;pubid=600952;price=%243.98;title=SOBO+CRAFT+GLUE+4+OZ.;merc=M%26J+Trimming;;width=85;height=85;sz=180×150;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802464048;pid=20856771;usg=AFHzDLuW6Wk_1XfB71p5IYgHy-YtUOtCrQ;;pubid=600952;price=%245.78;title=OfficeMax+Rubberized+H…;merc=OfficeMax;;width=95;height=85

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