DIY Toiletry Bag

There are quite a few different ways to make a toiletry bag, whether it’s for camping or generic traveling.

Not exactly beautiful, but it serves its function well.
The pink thing sticking out is a toothbrush holder.

I just use an old Japanese knot bag I made years ago, and keep it in our linen closet year round. These
are the basics I try to keep it stocked with.

  • Mini shampoo and conditioner
  • Mini tooth paste
  • Small bottle of mouth wash
  • Baggie of cotton swabs
  • Small bar of soap
  • Fold up hair brush
  • Toothbrush

I tend to use it when we go camping at a place with bathrooms and showers available, but it’s also handy if you’re visiting family or friends overnight. However, it’s a good thing to have on hand when you go to a hotel, especially if you’re picky about your hygiene products, or live in a dorm with communal bathrooms.

As for the bag itself, I’ve found that there are a few properties that work best for a little travel bag for toiletries.

  • Just big enough to carry travel-sized toiletries.
  • Has a handle to carry it with.
  • Must open and close easily.
  • Small enough to tuck away into luggage or a bigger bag.
  • Made out of something that’s easy to clean, or won’t stain easily.
  • Water-proofing is a plus, but not necessary.

If you do a lot of flying, you may be able to just use a gallon-sized zip lock bag, since most airlines require liquids to be put in one of those for security to check out anyway. If you’d rather use something like the one I have, just roll one of those zip lock bags up and tuck it in with the rest of the toiletries. That way, you can transfer the bottles into the plastic bag before hitting security, and return them to the reusable bag again later.

Have fun!

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