DIY Upcycled Cat Bed – Tutorial Try

As I’d mentioned last week, I’ve been thinking about making some cat beds for our kitties, one of which is currently begging as hard as he can for my mashed potatoes.

Our tabby loves this thing. I’ve since
rearranged the blanket a little so
they can nestle into the bed more.

No, kitty. These are MY mashed potatoes.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to give it a try with this crochet tutorial over at The Zen of Making. Since I have a thing for upcycling, too, I thought I’d use the beat up bed sheets we no longer use and some fabric I already have for the lining.

As you can probably see from the picture, a full sized fitted and flat sheet don’t provide quite enough material for the entire bed, but adding the complimentary color a little early isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The tutorial itself is very easy to follow, and Haley provides some great pictures to illustrate what needs to be done.

Since I don’t own a cutting mat, my strips ended up somewhat uneven, which is why the bed ended up a bit oddly shaped. I think the lopsidedness gives it character, and our cats don’t seem to mind.

As for time, crocheting the bed didn’t take me very long, since it is only twelve rounds. Cutting the fabric, however, took me quite a while. Part of that was because my hand started hurting about halfway in, but another part was two of our cats decided to “help”. Overall, I think it only took me about four hours from cutting the fabric to finishing the crochet.

That’s Legend of Korra playing in the background. I’ve found Avatar action is a good supplement to craftiness.

You do need some basic crochet skills for this one, and a Large Hook, but if you have some fabric on hand, a cat in need of a new bed and some time on your hands, I suggest giving this tutorial a try!

Here are a few of my progress shots:

The ball on the right is the flat sheet. I cut out the elastic and corners of the fitted sheet before cutting it into strips.
The bottom of the cat bed.
I had moved into the living room to watch Gotham and Sleepy Hollow while finishing this bed up. Our tabby got impatient and didn’t want me to keep working on it.
There we have it. It’s not molded here, and there’s no blanket in it, yet, but she was still happy to try it out.

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