Do you get creative with music?

I’ve long felt that creativity is a bit like a virus, in that when you find the right type of expression, you’re infected with the desire to make something new. Sometimes, that’s in the form of crafts, other times in visual art, music, writing or even cooking.

As I work on my sewing, knitting or any of the other assorted crafts I do, I find having something to listen to helps with the process. I don’t know if the auditory media helps fire my creative centers, though there is some research that supports that idea, or if my brain needs a bit of extra input while my hands do their thing, I tend to get a bit bored when crafting in silence.

While I do enjoy listening to music sometimes, having a show or something playing in the background can also be helpful. As I was making the skirt from yesterday’s entry and knitting a swatch for some future entries today, I watched some old episodes of Naruto.

Otherwise, I’ll sometimes listen to pod casts or audio-books.

What about the other crafters out there? What are some of your favorite things to listen to while you work, or do you prefer silence? 

I’ve been moderately hooked on Globus for a while now.

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