Does Hairspray Really Keep Glitter In Place?

Last month, I decided to glitterfy a dino lunchbox for my nephew who adores both shiny things and

dinosaurs. Since he’s a boy, it’s hard to find anything geared towards him with glitter on it. Apparently, manufacturers think only girls should like pastels and shiny things, while boys like bright colors and dynamic scenes.

Psh. Whatever, manufacturers. Boys are just as welcome to like all that glitters as girls are, so don’t be surprised when consumers customize your nonsense to their tastes.

Anyway, coated four dinos on the lunchbox with glitter glue. Then, I discovered that said glue runs when put on too thick. Woops.

All dinos became glitter dinos.

I had hoped that since I’d used actual glitter glue, I wouldn’t have to worry about it flaking off quite as easily. No such luck. Once the glue had dried, I noticed glitter coming off.

I probably should have used puff paint instead. Ah well.

My test site before application.

So, to the internet I went. Turns out there’s not a ton of things you can do to keep glitter in place, but I did see repeated suggestions of using hair spray. We have hair spray! We don’t use it often, but it’s there! Why not give it a try?

my test site after application.

Now, bear in mind, the first time you try applying any sort of chemical to fabric, test it on a part that won’t be easily seen, first. Fabrics can grow discolored, some might actually melt when certain chemicals are applied, or the substance just might not affix.

So, that’s what I did. I wiped the excess from the box’s liner and waited for it to dry.

While the hair spray didn’t discolor anything, or break the fabric itself down, I don’t think it reacted very well with the glitter glue. As you can see in the picture, it looks like the glitter had already started to come off.

When I touched it, more easily came off on my finger!

From the second swipe. I hadn’t thought to get a pic of the amount that came off the first time.

So, is hair spray good at affixing glitter glue in place? Not in this case. In fact, it seems to have made it worse. Though, maybe it does work on other types of glitter.

This is another reason why to spot check before going all out on a project.

Looks like I need to find another option for this project. Maybe I can pick up some Modge Podge or something before I need to ship this goody out.

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