Double Knit Scarf is Finished!

As this entry’s title would so subtly suggest, I’ve finally finished the double-knit scarf!

Not bad for a first attempt at this technique, ‘eh? I designed that flower (that looks kind of like a snowflake), and used the pattern from here for the horses.

Once I figure out how to get some better pictures of it, I’ll enter it into the contest. It’s a pretty long scarf, and my camera is a little hard to work with, so hopefully I can work something out.

I haven’t gotten word back from the woman who created the horse design, so I’m not sure if this will be up for sale, yet, but I am going to figure out how to create more of my own designs. Once I get good enough at that, I’ll offer commissions for this.

As for renovation, my husband’s made some progress.

At first glance, it may not look like a whole lot, but during the course of building those frames, my husband discovered that our basement floor tilts towards the back yard just enough to make fitting these things properly difficult.

When we ripped down the original walls in that section, we also found the following items –

  • Mummified rat (not one of ours)
  • Bricks stacked inside the wall. Not part of the wall, just inside of it. Hubby said he’s thinking of putting them somewhere inside the new walls for the next person who does renovations.
  • A Popple wrapped in electrical tape. Yes. Creepy. Very creepy. Neither of us know how it got there.
  • One of our youngest cat’s collars. We’re not sure how he was able to find his way in there, either.

Hm. I should have gotten pictures of the storage area we’ve designated down there, too. We have quite a bit of lumber and a couple of doors taking up space, with a tiny little path for the cats to head back to the basement litter box.

Anyway, until next time, have a bonus picture of a rather unamused kitty on the scarf.

I don’t think he approves.

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