Dystopian Raph Cosplay!

Yeah, ok, so it’s not super dark, but I did what I could with my current skill level. I’ll also be wearing a different bra, since today’s a sports bra day for me. Why?

‘Cause this is my getup –

TMNT pride? Why, yes, yes it is.

And I didn’t feel like changing completely.

Anyway, on to the costume! Tank top will be more flattering with a different bra, and I’m sure pics from the convention will be better.

I think I’m gonna make more of those fishnet arm things, and maybe turn them into actual shirts. I really dig that look.

I really like how the shell repaint went.

Had thought about dying the hair black again, or refreshing the henna, but that didn’t happen.

Couple of notes –

I think I need to find a figure smoother or something in the next couple of days.

I was thinking of finding fishnets or wearing some black leggings in a bid to hide the horrid bruise our coffee table gave me not pictured here, but judging from how hot I got from just this little test run, I don’t think that’ll be happening.

Visible injury is dystopian, right? Maybe that kneecap will be fully green by then. That’d be fitting. Right now, it’s a combination of purple, blue, red and brown.

I don’t know if I’ll be going with that particular lip color and mask. If I can grab the time and energy, I might try my hand at making a more fitting mask, but…eh. Eye makeup will be different, though. Didn’t feel much like messing with it today.

Also, hair. No idea what to do with it. Maybe up in a messy half-bun or something. Again, gotta think of comfort along with looks.

I’ll also be wearing these things on my nails –

TURTLE SHELL NAILS!! How cool is that? I stumbled across them during an online Jamberry party and had to get them. They’ll probably be going on tomorrow.

This will be my night party costume, so the other three can get in on the fun without potential daytime boredom.

On Saturday, I’m doing the Hitchhiker’s costume, which is basically just pajamas, a towel and an expression of confusion/wonder. Also a craving for tea. And peanuts. If I can grab a little time, and I have the materials on hand, I may put together a “guide”, but hey. I won’t be devastated if that doesn’t happen. I’ll definitely be hanging out with a buddy that day.

Friday, I’ll probably just wear my Always Keep Fighting tank top and shorts, since I’ll be solo a good part of the day. Also hauling a big bag around until I can check into the hotel.

…wonder if I can do a last, last, last minute cosplay to embody some wanderer character…

Eh. Quiet, mind.

If you’re attending, and would like to see me in person, I’ll be on the following two panels –

Friday at 11:00 am – How We Change the Stories We Tell About Disability
Saturday at 11:00 am – Writing While Female

I’ll try getting there on Friday around 9 or 10. I might show up on Thursday at some point, too, but that depends on how much of my workload I can get done at home.

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