Easy Guide to Placing Noses


Since my little niece loved her bunny to pieces (literally), I made her a new one for the holidays this year using the same pattern. It’s amazing how much improvement I’ve seen after a year’s worth of experience in crochet makes, plus a knitting/crochet app to keep track of rows for me.

I still shy away from faces, though. This time, I decided to take a bit of advice I received along the line to heart: place straight pins where you want the features to go, before adding them.

For this particular bunny, I just added a pink nose with yarn.

First, I figured out where I wanted the top of the nose to go. When placing noses, I’ve found that they should go directly between the eyes, and in as straight a line as possible. In this case, it looked best when placed one row under the eyes, instead of two.

After that, I placed the other two pins in a triangular formation.

I’m so sorry, bunny. That looks painful.

Lastly, I sewed the nose on. First, I put straight lines along the pins, to form the triangle, and then I used it as a guide to fill it in, using mostly vertical stitches.

It’s a little bigger than I had at first intended, but I still like how it looks. If I still have a key chain, I’ll attach that to the top of the head.

I think I’ll make a little scarf for this guy, though. Gotta keep that little non-neck warm, right?

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