Endure 4 Kindness Results

Ye olde results. That scarf took me for-freakin’-ever.

It’s Sunday evening, and I’m calling it quits for this year’s Endure 4 Kindness! I didn’t time how long
I knitted/finished the projects today, though I do know it was roughly four to five hours.

However, Saturday, I knit from 8:51 AM until 4:24 AM on Sunday (well, that’d be 3:24 AM after the time change), so the total knitting time for the weekend is 24 to 25 hours and around…42 minutes?
Not too shabby, though next time, I’ll be making smaller projects. All of that resulted in a full sized scarf and a hat

Of course, those will be going to The ARC, but I’ll also be going through the closets to gather more things to donate along with these two pieces. Anyway! Here are the videos, pictures and story of how the weekend went!

My nest for the day.

First thing’s first – I hauled all of my yarn into the living room, along with an assortment of needles, a notebook, my computer and assorted other knitting related items.

I made the mistake of going into this thing without much of a plan when it came to what exactly I was making. I figured I’d just wing it and see what would happen.

So, I just picked three colors which seemed to compliment each other and started in on the scarf, figuring a simple stitch would go pretty quickly.

Well, it took longer than I thought it would.

Casting on the first stitches.

My hubby kept me company for a little while, but eventually got bored and decided to kill zombies downstairs instead.

No, not real zombies. The scariest things in the basement are our monster furnace and the cat boxes.

All went well for a while, I knit away while watching Oddities on Netflix. And then…the phone started ringing.

And ringing.

And ringing some more.

And since zombies were drowning everything out thanks to his noise cancelling headphones, hubby didn’t realize it. So, I ended up filming the below video while the phone calls continued.

Eventually, I got fed up and started doing the phone thing. Ended up being mostly junk calls, and a few from hubby’s family. In any case, the majority of the time was spent on the scarf.

Such a stylish wrist brace.

By the time noon hit, I started feeling the tell tale weakness in my hands and wrists of tendinitis. By 3:30, it got bad enough to prompt the wrist braces. I held off on Aleve until an hour or two later, when hubby returned from his hunt.

He proceeded to play with my yarn balls. He enjoys my yarn balls almost as much as the cats, though I think he does it more for my reaction than any hunting instinct.

He’s so helpful. At least he’s entertaining.

The knitting continued, with intermittent visits from hubby and the cats. After feeding time, our big black cat, Ajax, decided to offer his ‘help’, too.

Yep, I realize you can’t really see him, except for when he looks up or meows. It’s kind of creepy, actually.

Here’s a better shot of the colors in the scarf. They’re pretty, but I’m SO tired of pastels, now.

In any case, I kept going well into the night, and finished the scarf shortly after filming the below video.

I get so rambly when sleep depped. After I finished knitting the scarf, I got started on the hat.

Taken this morning.

I got pretty far with the hem before I finally just decided to go to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I had a hard time moving my fingers, though I have been in worse pain before. Stretches and exercises throughout have helped keep that down to a dull roar.

In any case, I had a lot of fun, this weekend. It was all done for a couple of good causes. I wasn’t able to earn enough points on Crowdrise to make an offering to a third charity, but I guess two out of three ain’t bad, huh?

So, the tally for the weekend –

Time spent knitting – Around 24 or 25 hours and roughly 42 minutes
Goodies made – one scarf and hat (yarn was a bit too light for my tastes, but beggars can’t be choosers)
Aleve taken – 4
Money raised – $145 (You can still donate for the next couple of days, apparently. Tax deductible!)

Next year, I’ll have to try planning better. Maybe I’ll be able to hook up with a local group to partake in shenanigans with.

Thanks for bearing with me! I’m gonna go pass out for a while.

 I’ll include the goofy progress pics I shared on twitter, too. Why not?

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