Etsy Listing Feature – Acorn Necklace and Earrings Set

This week’s Etsy feature goes to this stunning necklace and earrings set by Lauma, at PixiesForest.

Stunning work. The listing is here.
This beautiful necklace caught my eye as I was perusing her shop, and the matching earrings are absolutely beautiful. She tells me that being close to nature inspires her, which I can completely agree with. Her appreciation of natural beauty really shines through her fantastic work. 
This combination of Swarovski beads and vintage parts she used works perfectly to create a lovely balance of matte and sparkle, just like raindrops falling through fall foliage. I highly suggest you check out the rest of her shop, and like her Facebook page, while you’re at it.
Once again, thank you so much, Lauma, for allowing me to feature your lovely work on my humble blog! It’s a pleasure seeing and sharing your creations.

2 thoughts on “Etsy Listing Feature – Acorn Necklace and Earrings Set”

  1. This necklace is a little piece of art to wear its amazing how glass and metal can emulate nature and take it to another level. Awesome job Lauma!

    Nice blogspot Emilie!

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