Etsy Listing Feature – Handmade Handcuff Fishhook Earrings

This week’s Etsy feature goes to these great, unique earrings from MynisaUnique!

Who knew handcuffs could be so cute?
Now, I personally have a bit of a strange, sentimental connection with handcuffs, since hubby and I were married by an ex-cop who incorporated them into the ceremony, so these caught my eye right away.
However, she has cleverly used them in other pieces, like this one. If cuffs aren’t your taste, her shop is still worth checking out, as it has a huge variety of beautiful jewelry in quite a few different styles. There are beautiful birds, pieces with a distinctly vintage feel, colorful beads and some lovely plant themed products as well.
I’d like to thank Melissa for allowing me to feature these fun earrings and creating such great wearable art!

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