Etsy Listing Feature – Nancy Drew Hollow Book Gift Set

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of the old Nancy Drew books. The fact that a girl and her friends can go out on these great adventures tickled me, and the mysteries entertained me to no end.

While I was putting the treasuries together for the Markets of Sunshine challenge, I came across Marsha’s great shop, jeanpatchbymk, but one listing stood out in particular.

The hollow book part of the gift set.
The above picture is only part of this great set. Also included are a matching journal, note card set, envelopes sewn by hand and a fabric gift bag. Plus, she’ll customize the drawer to include the person’s initials. Really a cool gift for anyone who loves Nancy Drew now or did as a kid.
I highly suggest checking out the rest of her shop, too. She has a fantastic mix of book-based projects, including Hardy Boys and children’s books, handcrafted goods and what look like some fabulously scented candles.
Check out her blogs, too: jeanpatch by MK and Markets of Sunshine.
Thanks, Marsha, for letting me feature this wonderful product!

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