Etsy Listing Feature – Native American Star Beaded Earrings

Whoops. This almost got posted on my paranormal blog! I guess the fog I’ve been living in this week hasn’t lifted completely.

Anyway, this week, I’m featuring an absolutely gorgeous pair of earrings from the etsy shop, SplitFeather.

Pink, Turquoise/Blue, White
and Brown Native American
Star Beaded Earrings with Bird Tailed
Shoulder Brushing Fringe with Flower
These lovely earrings caught my eye when I first perused her shop. The symmetry and colors convey a beautiful sense of peace and serenity.
When I asked her if her work held any sort of meaning, in regards to pattern or color, she answered, “Many of the designs are traditional ones. Others are colors and designs that come in dreams per tradition. Each earring is designed normally with some sort of feeling, image, person, or the like in mind. The earrings you are featuring were made thinking of my mother. When I look up at the stars it reminds me she used to look up at the same ones.”
That is such a fantastic philosophy to have when crafting, and those profound origins really shine through. Each piece really does seem to tell a story.
I highly suggest checking out her shop for more outstanding work.
Thanks, Victoria, for the honor of featuring these wonderful earrings in this entry! It’s very appreciated.

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